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List Empty Leg Flights


Operators can maximize their aircraft's utilization and generate extra revenue by filling unoccupied Empty Leg Flights through Insta Charter App. 
Empty Legs Listing on Insta Charter App.
This is how the screen will appear when operators would list their empty legs in their profile for global visibility. 
This is how you can enter the details of your empty legs and post them in our app.


This is for Operators.


Operators can effortlessly list empty leg flights through two methods:
  1. 1) Manually adding them to their fleet on the Insta Charter app.
  2. 2) Integrating their scheduling software (if using any) with Insta Charter's marketplace, enabling automated publication of empty legs.

When an operator schedules their aircraft as empty leg, then the aircraft's availability reflects under the 'Deals' section in the app. 


Operators can maximize profit by filling empty-leg seats that would otherwise go un-utilized.


Suppose you are an operator and your aircraft  is returning empty after a client's one-way flight from New York to Miami. Then, you can add this trip under the business profile in the empty leg section. This will help your aircraft to get visibility and on this empty leg opportunity.


  1. Users should Sign up and verify their phone number. 

  2. Fleet should be added beforehand.

  3. Set pricing and upload documents.

  4. Verify and Fill the relevant information related to “Pricing”, “Amenities”, “Aircraft”, “Documents” and “Approvals”.


  1. To add an empty leg, your aircraft should be approved.


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